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Jul 31, 2023
Career Break 2023 Just random musings on my 2023 career break
Jul 13, 2020
Restoring My Old Blog Posts Just random musings on my identity and restoring my old blog posts
Jul 5, 2020
100 Days of No Code Challenge Picking up the 100 Days of No Code Challenge
May 4, 2020
My Takeaways from the Good Life Project Interview with Charles Duhigg My notes on key takeaways about the power of habit from the interview with Charles Duhigg by Good Life Project
Mar 13, 2020
15 Life Lessons from my 2010 - 2020 Decade in Review 15 life lessons I learned as I transitioned from my teenage as a college student into my first corporate job and matured into running a family
Mar 6, 2020
My introduction to Stoop - The Best Way to Manage Your Newsletter Subscriptions My first week experience with Stoop, an app to manage your email newsletter subscriptions
Jan 30, 2016
3 Gmail Productivity Tips For A Saner Mailbox 3 very simple Gmail productivity tips that I use to maintain a Zero Inbox or a near Zero inbox, that help me catch up on more emails in less time
Dec 25, 2015
An Important Life Lesson from the Movie Pasanga 2 / Haiku My take on the movie Pasanga 2 / Haiku and the key takeaway that I felt the movie offers for every parent, about parenthood and letting their child bloom
Dec 21, 2015
How My First Computer Experience Instigated My Learning Process This post is about my first computer experience. While I had played few games on friends’ computer earlier, I was totally clueless till I got my own
Dec 20, 2015
Great Professors from SASTRA University Who Shaped My Life This post is about some of the great professors from SASTRA University who shaped my life during and after the university