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Restoring My Old Blog Posts

If anything, I'm a curious cat - and by that, I experiment a lot and have a trigger finger.

I started blogging around 2011, and since then, I have written somewhere north of 200 blog posts across different niches. Most of them are no longer around (including the most used one - TechieFoodie, which even evolved into a local brand of its own, in the Chennai food blogging scene).

That was me. Trigger happy, deleting the blogs and posts whenever I got bored with it.

However, I realized recently that good or bad - some of these posts were a part of my identity. Some of these posts captured the moments that have influenced who I am today.

With that realization, I set about searching for my old blogs in the Wayback Machine. I managed to find archives going back to 2011, containing ~ 100 blog posts from my days back then, till 2015 (Did you know? - I wrote 45 posts in 2012, a lot more than what it is now).

Finding the list is not the end of the world - I needed to spend time going through each of it, to see if the links actually worked. Some of these were mere reposts, which I didn't want to bring over - personal identity and all that.

Finally, I narrowed it down to 15 posts that were decent enough to be restored to the new blog and were original content.

And it's finally done, as of today!

You won't find these in the home page, I'm definitely not going to make it easy for anyone to find them by linking it (I was a kid back then, not going to make it easy for you to embarrass me), but it's there for history or whatever.

^ Language: Yes, some things never change, you'll see the general tone on those posts is similar to this one. I'm still 'evolving' :P

PS: You can still go through what I believe was my first book review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari-A Summarised Review - in fact, I think this was my first ever review of anything.