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100 Days of No Code Challenge

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While No Code tools have been around for a while now, it has caught up as a trend recently. It's so popular that even Amazon released a no-code tool recently AWS HoneyCode, not wanting to miss out on the trend.

I have been an avid user of Zapier and IFTTT for a few years now, and I have always been excited about automation's potential. I started playing around more with Zapier, Integromat, and other No Code tools recently. I won't be lying if I say the Twitter community had a significant part in it with all the makers publishing their no-code software creations and giving me a sense of FOMO.

At this point, I came across the 100 Days of No Code community and their challenge. The challenge involves spending at least 30 minutes of your time on learning/working with No Code every day, for 100 days, and publicly posting your status updates daily.

I promptly signed up for the challenge and joined the community, because why not? The community will hold me accountable and push me ahead on my learning path, which will result in gaining a good working knowledge of the no-code ecosystem.

I'll be sharing my updates on Twitter for you to track) :)

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