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Tips - Removing GRUB Bootloader and/or Linux and Restoring Windows Bootloader

Linux is a wonderful operating system, but you might want to remove Linux from your PC due to some space constraints or because you're used to Windows and don't want Linux.Whatever the reasons are, unless you've installed Linux inside Windows(Like with Ubuntu's WUBI installer), you usually have the GRUB bootloader to load your Linux/Windows operating systems. Removing Linux without having a full knowledge of the problems that may arise with a corrupt GRUB can be a pain in the ass(trust me, I did it once and suffered a lot). Here's how you can achieve it by spending not more than 5 minutes.

You should have the following ready before you start:

  1. Your windows installation disc

  2. Your PC/Laptop(Obvious)

The steps:

  1. Right Click on My computer and select "Manage"

  2. Go to Disk Management, select the partition(s) that have Linux and format them completely.

  3. Insert your Windows Installation media into the optical drive.

  4. Restart your computer.

  5. Boot into your installation disc, select language,keyboard options and click Next.

  6. Select Repair Computer.(Bottom Corner)

  7. Select the option Use recovery tools and click Next.

  8. Select Command Prompt

  9. Type diskpart. Press Enter.

  10. Type select disk 0 and press Enter.

  11. Type list volume and press Enter.

  12. Note down the drive letter of your optical drive.

  13. Type exit and press Enter.

  14. Type your (DVD drive letter): and press Enter. Example: G:

  15. Type cd boot and press Enter.

  16. Type dir and press Enter.

  17. Type bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr and press Enter.

  18. Type exit and press Enter.

  19. Restart your system and enjoy your stay with the cursed Windows :P

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