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A space to keep random notes & daily logs as a form of Build In Public/Learn In Public to hold myself accountable.

Accountability Logs

Log - Jan 2, 2024:

Log - Jul 31, 2023:

Log - Dec 10, 2012:

Here’s a short list of my experiments today:

End of the day: Am not sure if am thorough with these, but I’ve a better understanding than before

Log - Dec 9, 2012:

I’ll be honest and say that there was very little development related work I got done today, purely because I spent a major part of the day on arranging the documents I need for my Passport. I still couldn’t get a damned appointment with the PSK Centre, though I login before 2.00 PM(When the appointments open) and try to book an appointment at exactly 2.00 PM(All this over a thoroughly over-priced Tatkal application)

What little development related activity I got done today involved this

Very little information is available on the net about POMS,and right now, am spending my time going through whatever is available, trying to form a proper working logic in mind or an algorithm that I can proceed with

This is where I initially found about POMS: Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market

Log - Jan 3, 2012:

My Week with Rails

Well, after trying my hand at a variety of stuff, I've finally planned to settle down with Ruby on Rails (atleast for this month). I've been working passively on Ruby on Rails for the past week (I wasn't much productive because of my Typhoid fever, but that's another story). My first impression of Ruby is that it's so simple compared to other scripting languages I've seen. My favorite Agile development methodology goes quite well with Ruby on Rails. Because Rails follows the MVC architecture, building Rails applications makes the task of developers easier. I'm still a complete beginner to Ruby on Rails, but then I'm starting to fall in love with the language because of its simplicity and no-frills attached attitude, compared to other languages I've tried my hand with. You can expect more posts from me in future on Ruby :)

For now, Adios amigos, am off to my game with Ruby :)