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My Final Year Project - Socializer

Well, am in my final year of Engineering now, and it’s time for our final year projects.

While most of my friends are choosing from a variety of options like doing an internship, doing a company project, buying a project or doing a simple project, I wanted to do something different, something that would involve atleast some of the subjects I’ve studied during the course of my engineering and also set me apart from others.

I dusted up a very old idea of mine, that I thought of doing when I had ample amount of free time to kill without any work. Then I thought, “Hey, why shouldn’t I do this for my final year project? ”

Thus, came SOCIALIZER!

In essence, Socializer is a simple tool that will tell you the character and mood of a person from their social status updates.

It takes the social username as input, fetches a set of their most recent status updates/tweets(say 10 or 20), analyses them and tells the following information:

Depending on how well am able to implement this solution, am also planning to make the tool to be able to find the likes and dislikes of the user and deliver tailored content to the user.

Being frank, I’ve no idea how am going to implement this, but am working on it and am sure I’ll do it.

I’ll be blogging about my progress and keep watching for updates.

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