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Blog Posts:

  • My Life Compass

  • Automations with Integromat and Parabola

  • My NoCode Stack for CX Tales

  • Post on Outline Wiki

  • Post on Superhuman

  • Post on Airtable for Productivity


  1. Readers Cafe - To be picked up
  2. Ghostlytics - To be picked up
  3. Pocket Stats - To be picked up
  4. Tweegest - Build and Shutdown
  5. Thoughtbytes - Currently in limbo; Also available as a page in this blog
  • Converting this blog into a PWA - I moved this site back to Hugo from Gatsby due to faster build times and relative comfort with Hugo. I need to figure out how to make this a PWA again, which is something Gatsby supported out of the box.

  • Implement a privacy-friendly tool for blog comments. I have disabled Disqus due to the amount of information they track without informing me or the visitors about it. Too many ad systems to even track and I don’t want that intrusion for my visitors