My first 5 minutes with Diaspora
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My first 5 minutes with Diaspora

A short post on my first impressions of Diaspora, an open source social network platform

First impressions of Diaspora!

  1. Google+ looks a lot like Diaspora (I'm saying so because Diaspora has been on the development for a very,very long time,even before Google+ came out.)
  2. Diaspora team should definitely look into upgrading their servers because right now, the network seems to lag a lot.
  3. The Diaspora team has taken a lot of concepts from other social networks and combined them into one. The fact that the Diaspora is open source is a great thing because developers around the world can learn a lot from the Diaspora project

These are my impressions after 5 minutes of being in Diaspora.(More than that 5 minutes was spent actually, but then server lags are not supposed to be taken into account as actual timing)