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How I Overclocked my phone

Well, for starters, Overclocking is not for beginners or those who are afraid of bricking their phone or nullifying their warranty. It's only for those bravehearts who are not to be stopped by anything from getting what they want.

Now, I'll take you through the steps on how to overclock your phone, in this case, it's a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

  1. I already had the Clockwork Mod Recovery and Cyanogen Mod 7.1 installed. If you don't have these in your galaxy ace, it's high time you get them as this tutorial works only with CyanogenMod. (You can find CyanogenMod for Galaxy Ace here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=17476339#post17476339 )

  2. Now after installing CyanogenMod and having settled with your phone, download the Overclocking Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Ace by Ketut.Kumajaya here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1296905 (Note: Download the one named cm-7.1-oc-kernel- for the overclocking kernel)

  3. Copy the downloaded file onto your SD Card, restart into Recovery Mode(Power + Middle Button), Select Install Zip from SD Card, choose the downloaded file and select Yes.

  4. After installing the kernel, restart your phone.

  5. Now, go to Market, download the app called SetCPU and install it.

(Note: You can also use the in-built CyanogenMod settings to change the clock or some other free app like AnTuTu CPU Master, CPU Tuner etc. I found SetCPU to be user-friendly and so chose it. It's not free though, costs about $1.99)

  1. After installing SetCPU, open it, let it automatically detect the speeds.

  2. Play around with the Min and Max speeds and different scaling governors. (Note: The clock speeds vary for each device. Some people found 921 MHZ to be stable, some 883, some are stuck at 825 itself and some have even gone on to 998 MHZ. In my case, I found Min: 245 MHZ and Max: 902 MHZ to be a most stable configuration and Min:245 MHZ and Max 921 MHZ to be stable with random restarts during heavy loads like gaming and multi tasking. )

  3. You can run tests for Stability using the StabilityTest app(Free) from Android Market.

Be careful in overclocking your phone, don't get over-enthusiastic about it so that you don't end up bricking your phone.

Have fun!

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