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7 Stacks and Me - Organization became Easier

I've been using RocketDock and ObjectDock for a while now, to access the various applications in my system quickly. Today, as I was wandering through Internet, I happened to stumble upon this program called 7Stacks, which basically enables Mac-OSX like stacks on the Windows 7 Taskbar. The best thing of them all is, the program doesn't have to be running in the background for accessing these stacks! Wonderful isn't it? Though ObjectDock/RocketDock does not consume much memory, in this case, nothing is better than something. Creating a stack is quite easy. Download 7stacks from the official website, install the program and after that, follow these steps to have your own stack of application links:

  1. Create a folder and copy your application shortcuts into it. You can have upto 10 stacks in the Taskbar, so try to be organized with the folders.

  2. Open 7stacks, select the folder you've created from inside the application, select which type of stack you want(Vertical Flyout Menu, Grid Layout or a Normal Menu) and then Click on "Create Shortcut on Desktop".

  3. Now drag the shortcut that has been created on your desktop onto the Taskbar to pin it to the taskbar and that's it, you're done! Now you can delete the desktop shortcut if you want. You can create upto 10 stacks like this

When you select the menu option, a stack with the default windows menu style is created, but it differs from the other options because, from inside this menu, you can access its submenus, their submenus and so on.

Adios Amigos and have fun with 7Stacks!

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