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Staying Sane with Evernote

This is a story on how Evernote helps me stay sane.

I won’t go into too much detail about the tool itself, since it’s fairly popular and used widely. 

For those who read my blogpost on Todoist, some of these might sound redundant, but being honest, I had to look outside Todoist, because all said and done, it was meant to be just a Todo tool and I need something where I can capture detailed notes of my thoughts.

I tried Google Keep for a while, but again, Google Keep wasn’t matching up to the level I expected it to. 

Then I decided to revisit Evernote, a tool I’ve been mostly using for creating a digital locker of all my Facebook/Twitter content periodically (Thank you IFTTT !)

To my surprise, it was love all over again with Evernote. I finally found a multi-purpose tool.

I use Evernote for,

  1. ToDo list,
  2. Taking Notes
  3. Personal Planner

I use the Notebooks feature to organize my notes.

I use the Stacks feature to organize my notebooks.

Tags help me a lot with quickly categorizing the notes further. 

With Evernote into the game, I use a combination of Evernote + Todoist to get through things. Most of my needs are met by Evernote itself, but Todoist still outshines Evernote by allowing me to define Priority, set Reminders and due dates

This story is a part of “Tools I Use” series. To read more on how Todoist helped me do more check my post Todoist and I — A Story of Apprehension, Love, and Improved Productivity 

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