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23 Oct 2011

My Idea for Ericcson Application Awards 2012

My chosen theme is :

Speech Recognition

I know it exists already,even in Android. But what I had in mind was something like the Windows Speech Recognition. Something that helps you control your device completely using Speech, not just the usual TTS stuff.

The basic features are:

  • Speech controlled navigation of the phone, while the application is running(Normal navigation is not hindered by this)

  • Voice based Dialer

  • The usual TTS service

  • Similar to the windows Speech Recognition system, numbers are assigned to various elements of the system and you can activate a particular element simply by calling out its numbers(Of course, like in Windows, you first have to make the system display the element numbers via a simple speech command)

  • Voice based locking/unlocking

Planned Features:

(That is when I figure out how to implement the above said basic features and then also find out if and how I can implement these planned features)

  • Interaction with your Operating System to debug it(simple stuff like low storage, low memory, low battery etc) and instruct it on what action to take each time such a situation is encountered

  • Integrate the Speech Recognition into the default system applications as well so that the navigation is easier(Of course, this is on a broader perspective and may involve a custom firmware being developed to accomplish it)

This the idea I had. Please give me your opinion on this and ANYONE WILLING TO GUIDE ME ON THIS ATTEMPT IS MOST WELCOME!