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An Important Life Lesson from the Movie Pasanga 2 / Haiku

Movie Pasanga 2/ Haiku

I went to the movie Pasanga 2 / Haiku last night and this is my personal take on the movie. Hope you enjoy it

Note: This is not a simple movie review but also my personal take on the learnings from the movie.

Before we start, yes, the movie Pasanga 2 is quite similar to Taare Zameen Par. But that doesn’t make this movie any less. If I might say so, this goes a step above Taare Zameen Par in fact, with a bit less preaching, and a bit more of example driven approach


While Taare Zameer Par took up Dyslexia as the theme, director Pandiraj has taken up ADHD as the theme for Pasanga 2, and has worked wonders with the movie. Kudos

On one side, you’ve a ADHD kids and their parents, trying to make peace with the reality that alienates them because of their non conformity to the societal norms, putting their parents into trouble in the process.

On the other side, you’ve a doctor and teacher who wants to challenge this reality, and are setting an example with their own kids.

What happens when the reality brings these people, living inside their distinct bubbles together, forms the story.

While Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi, Suriya, Amala Paul (and the other pair of parents, whose names I’m not familiar with) have performed extremely well, the real hero of the movie is the Screenplay

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel when you watch this movie.

For some like me, who has faced a fair amount of this alienation throughout my childhood,with parents who cannot understand any of this, this movie is an experience I can personally connect with on most parts (Ofc me being an introvert kept me away from most trouble, saving them from a bunch of hurdles :P)

Life Lesson from the Movie

The movie Pasanga 2 tells the society what most parents fail to see — Kids are flowers that have to bloom on their own. You cannot expect a Rose from a Hibiscus plant and you most definitely cannot force the plant to give you a Rose. Likewise, it’s up to the parents to identify what their child is good at, to nurture it, to cherish it, and to help them excel at it.

2 Key Messages from the Movie

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