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Brain Transplants - Do we have what it takes to do it?

An interesting thought on brain transplants. Though brain implants are possible, scientists haven't been able to successfully make a full brain transplant. Yet.

Came across this post last month, and was reminded of it now.

Human head transplants? Neurosurgeon says ‘we have the technology’

Dr. Sergio Canavero claims that human head transplants are possible now, with the existing medical techniques.

Now the main barrier in brain transplant is the Spinal Linkage. Our brains are linked to our Spinal Cord. And for a full transplant to work, they have to do a complete transplant of our Spinal Cord too. Which is theoretically impossible.

But, Dr. Sergio says that it's possible now. But still, there lies the problem of finding a matching donor.

If the researches on Bionic parts proceeds on a full fledge, they might even come up with a bionic spinal linkage system. If that is created, then the brain transplantation process becomes easier than it is now.

Now there is another problem that comes with brain transplants. Memories. Some claim that people may lose their old memories and have the memories of the brain donor. Other claim that it is not the case. But, it is a possibility. There's also the possibility of the person retaining their memories as well as getting the memories of the donor. In this case, it might come close to what we technically call as information overload, and might cause severe trauma to them.

With all that being said, Brain Transplants are an interesting prospect and might result in the eradication of brain deaths and may even take us on the path towards longer lives, if realised.

Please share your thoughts on this.

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