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Hi, I am Lakshmi Narayanan G (LN),

I am a techie from the bustling streets of Chennai, now in Bengaluru (the Silicon Valley of India), working as a Senior Customer Success Manager at Whatfix.

Human, Existentialist, Knowledge Hunter, Blogger, Social Media Aficionado, Happiness Enthusiast, Open Source FanBuoy, Tea Lover - these adjectives do a good job of defining me

Anything to do with books, games, philosophy, productivity, tech, and customer experience excite me (not that the other topics don’t ;))

I blog about Productivity, (Software) tools I use, and occasional musings.

I also plan to blog about the books I read over at Readers Cafe (It’s still a WIP so don’t beat me if you get a 404!)

Knowledge is limited. But imagination encircles the world - Albert Einstein

To encircle the world with your imagination, you need to have the “limited” knowledge. Neither is complete without the other. My goal is to attain as much knowledge as possible.

Let’s catch up over a virtual cup of Tea or Coffee - just email me

Currently working on:

  • Readers Cafe
  • My Life Compass
  • Converting this blog into a PWA - I moved this site back to Hugo from Gatsby due to faster build times and relative comfort with Hugo. I need to figure out how to make this a PWA again, which is something Gatsby supported out of the box.
  • Implement Staticman for commenting. I have disabled Disqus due to the amount of information they track without informing me or the visitors about it. Too many ad systems to even track and I don’t want that intrusion for my visitors