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About LN

Hi, I am Lakshmi Narayanan, but you can call me LN!

Human, Existentialist, Knowledge Hunter, Blogger, Social Media Aficionado, Happiness Enthusiast, Open Source FanBuoy, Tea Lover - these adjectives do a good job of defining me.

Anything to do with books, games, philosophy, productivity, tech, and customer experience excite me (not that the other topics don’t ;))

Knowledge is limited. But imagination encircles the world - Albert Einstein

To encircle the world with your imagination, you need to have the “limited” knowledge. Neither is complete without the other. My goal is to attain as much knowledge as possible.

On the professional side, I’m a customer success leader with a diverse experience across multiple domains and a decade of professional experience in customer success, solutioning, support, and software development.

I was a part of the fintech unicorn Chargebee’s early-stage journey, where I helped ramp up the Support and Customer Success functions as an early team member.

I was also with Whatfix, working closely with Fortune 500 companies to drive digital adoption.

In my last stint, I headed the customer success team at Bureau.id, building their CS team from scratch.

I’m passionate about customer experience and engineering and love sharing my insights online through my blog and Customer Experience Tales newsletter.

Nowadays, I spend my spare time consulting startups and mentoring customer success professionals, helping them develop their post-sale customer strategy around customer support, success, and onboarding. I also assist them in defining company culture, devising compensation models, and providing valuable product feedback.

I’m also building a portfolio of small bets in the form of newsletters and micro SaaS apps under a holding co structure through by firm, Byteledge.

Let’s catch up over a virtual cup of Tea or Coffee - email me