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2012 and the Much Hyped End of the World

Even after a long time, people haven't stopped discussing about whether world will end in 2012. WTF? How the hell do you think world will end in 2012? Because some Mayan Calendar ends here? Who the hell are the Mayans? After all they were also humans like you and me. Why can't it be like they prepared a model calendar and left the remaining for us to continue? Or if it was true that the world ends in 2012, why the heck do you bother too much with it? After all we're all going to go one day. So stop whining about the world coming to an end. Because of you people, Media and some stupid persons calling themselves as great leaders have made this a sensational issue and using it for their own gain. Stop whining and start working for your own betterment. If the world really ends by 2012, then die a WINNER, not a WHINER

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