Sep 16, 2015 - An Ode To You, My Love


An ode to you, My love

In my brightest days,
And darkest nights,
You were there with a smiling face

I fought, I cried,
You took it all in a stride

I slipped, I erred,
Your love never wavered

Where my faith ended,
Your trust began

When I asked you why,
You responded with a simple smile

After all we've been through,
The least I can do,
Is write an ode to you
My Love!

Oct 8, 2013 - Text Processing, Text Mining, NLP and Sentiment Analysis - Linklog on Github


Started maintaining a linklog of Text Processing, Text Mining, Natural Langauge Processing and Sentiment Analysis on Github: Text Processing - Bits & Bytes

Sep 15, 2013 - Religion && Science


Atheists deny the existence of God. Agnostics belive in the existence of a supreme power, but don't believe in God.I'm an Agnostic myself. I do believe there's a supreme power. A supreme power that created everything, source of the void from which we were all born, that which existed before the big bang, that from which the first atom came.

Aug 19, 2013 - Brain Transplants: Do we have what it takes to do it?


An interesting thought on brain transplants. Though brain implants are possible, scientists haven't been able to successfully make a full brain transplant. I Came across this post last month, and was reminded of it now.