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Stepping into Indie Hacking

Posted at — Aug 17, 2023

This is a continuation of my previous post on my career break.

When I quit, I planned to start working on my health & indie-hacking.

Reality hit & I kept wavering between returning to a full-time job vs indie-hacking. @krupawrites has been a great support during this time, pushing me to stick to my original plan of indie-hacking/startup since we have a few months of runway, which lets me take a bet on myself + work on things that I have been putting aside.

I’ve finally started listening to her & with that, decided to give the indie-hacking life a shot (after fixing the rotten health, of course - the shoulder & neck pains have relapsed again despite extensive physio + exercise:/)

With that decided, we are moving back to Chennai, our home city, to cut some costs + be near friends.

I have very mixed emotions about the move, tbh.

We came to Bengaluru 3.5 years back & the city has become somewhat like a second home for me.

It welcomed me with open arms, gave me the financial comfort, the courage to startup, some amazing friends, great colleagues, amazing weather, but most importantly, just the vibe of it - almost everyone I’ve met in Bengaluru is entrepreneurial.

I can’t think of any other city I’ve been to where the people are so open-minded & welcoming. They celebrate you even if you show them a small gesture of respect.

Leaving the city is a tough decision but financially prudent since we can extend our runway by an additional 2 - 3 months by moving back to Chennai + cut our ongoing monthly expenses by at least 20%.

I hope this works out - first time in my life when I’m doing something without backup plans B - Z 🤞.