Setting your SaaS Sales and Customer Success up for Success with Discovery


Let’s talk discovery -

Given the macroeconomic conditions and whatnot, companies are scrutinizing their SaaS spending even more.

It’s even more vital to sell the right solution to the right customer at the right time. Enter discovery -

The process is to help us focus our efforts on the customers where there is a real need and opportunity to demonstrate business value & ROI for the customers, fueling our growth. It also brings predictability to our pipelines.

The discovery process helps uncover your customers’ specific pain points, challenges, and goals and gives you valuable insights.

Sample Discovery Questions:

Discovery is not a holy grail that will help you save a failing account or compensate for a bad product without PMF.

But by conducting thorough discovery, you can lay the groundwork for your success, building a solution that meets your customers’ needs and increases your chances of success.


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