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20 Dec 2015

Great Professors from SASTRA University Who Shaped My Life

This post is about some of the great professors from SASTRA University who shaped my life during and after the university
26 Oct 2015

Staying Sane with Evernote

This is a blogpost on how Evernote helps me stay sane and on top of my task list and notes bundled into a single app
27 Aug 2015

Todoist and I — A Story of Apprehension, Love, and Improved Productivity

This is a blogpost on how Todoist helped me get my work done more efficiently and gave a huge productivity boost to my everyday life
01 Aug 2014

My Orkut Life

A small writeup about my Orkut life, tracing the rise and the fall of Orkut, one of the predecessors to the modern Social network
19 Sep 2013

Hello World

Just a post to say Hello