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27 Aug 2015

Todoist and I — A Story of Apprehension, Love, and Improved Productivity

This is a blogpost on how Todoist helped me get my work done more efficiently and gave a huge productivity boost to my everyday life
01 Aug 2014

My Orkut Life

A small writeup about my Orkut life, tracing the rise and the fall of Orkut, one of the predecessors to the modern Social network
20 Aug 2013

Brain Transplants - Do we have what it takes to do it?

This is a blogpost on the possibility of brain transplants and the state of technology to support it
16 Aug 2013

A Question to My Fellow Gen-Y, Gen-Z People

This is a rude rant on the morale and ethics of some of my Gen-Y, Gen-Z friends when it comes to work
04 Jan 2013

Installing Ubuntu on Nexus 7 and Setting Up Dual-boot

This is a simple guide on how to install Ubuntu on your Nexus 7 tablet and get it running alongside Android 4.2.
10 Dec 2012

Log - Dec 10 2012

My Daily Log for Dec 10 2012
09 Dec 2012

Log - Dec 9 2012

My Daily Log for Dec 9 2012
09 Dec 2012

My Final Year Project - Socializer

A post about the ambitious final year project I had originally planned
05 Jan 2012

What InterviewStreet taught me after I spent a few hours with it

Random musings on my introduction to InterviewStreet and some lessons it taught me
04 Jan 2012

2012 and the Much Hyped End of the World

Random musings on the supposed end of the world in 2012