Log - Dec 9 2012
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Log - Dec 9 2012

My Daily Log for Dec 9 2012

Here’s a short list of my experiments today:

  • Fooling around with Octopress
  • Fooling around with Node.js
  • Signed up for Nodejitsu, Cloudant and Twilio
  • Built a small app using Node.js, with a DB hosted in Cloudant(CouchDB) and using the Twilio service. The purpose was to get an understanding of Node, Cloudant and Twilio. A simple app that collects the texts sent to the Twilio number and saves them in the Cloudant DB along with the sender IDs. Most of it was from an online tutorial I found for an SMS voting app, with modifications of my own to tweak it up a little to store the entire contents of the text.

End of the day: Am not sure if am thorough with these, but I’ve a better understanding than before