Log - Dec 10 2012
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Log - Dec 10 2012

My Daily Log for Dec 10 2012

I’ll be honest and say that there was very little development related work I got done today, purely because I spent a major part of the day on arranging the documents I need for my Passport. I still couldn’t get a damned appointment with the PSK Centre, though I login before 2.00 PM(When the appointments open) and try to book an appointment at exactly 2.00 PM(All this over a thoroughly over-priced Tatkal application)

What little development related activity I got done today involved this

  • Today was the day of learning for me, not hacking. I went through the Twitter API, particularly the GET API resources.
  • Then I came upon the POMS -> Profile of Mood States.
  • POMS is exactly the thing I need for my final year project,(Refer my earlier post about Socializer).
  • The algorithm measures six mood levels – happiness, kindness, alertness, sureness, vitality and calmness – through people’s text on the internet.

Very little information is available on the net about POMS,and right now, am spending my time going through whatever is available, trying to form a proper working logic in mind or an algorithm that I can proceed with

This is where I initially found about POMS: Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market